The New Pharisee

It's Time For Your Spiritual Makeover

Jeff Saxton began in an in-depth study of the Pharisees in Jesus' time. What he actually discovered will shock you!

This Self-Help BOOK shows how he experienced a total spiritual makeover, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

  • The subtle ways we fall into hypocritical attitudes and double standards in the church today.
  • Why we create exclusive cliques based on superficial indicators, and how to instead build inclusive communities based on the love of God.
  • How to integrate our faith into every area of our lives and not just in the "church world."
  • Why we often over-emphasize the importance of the "Sunday service," and how we can again prioritize our "discipleship mandate."
  • A sobering look at the New Testament era Pharisee - and the reappearance of nearly identical attitudes in the Church today.”

    Dr. George Wood

    General Superintendant, Assemblies of God USA
  • It's an important read. But be ready - 
    this book turns on the stadium lights.”

    Mark Nysewander

    Author, The Fasting Key
  • The New Pharisee is as prophetic as it is pastoral... offering a hopeful alternative that reflects the humility of Christ."

    Chris Heurtz

    Director, Word Made Flesh
  • Your heart will respond with deep love for Him as you read this book.”

    Ken Krause

    Pastor, Bethany Church
  • Jeff Saxton addresses a matter of prime importance which is ignored far too often and far too easily.”

    Shun Lee Fong 

    Director, Hollywood Connect

Jeff Saxton

About the Author

Jeff Saxton is an Amazon Bestselling Author, a film and stage writer/director and has been a minister with 8 different churches and organizations full-time.

Throughout Jeff's career, he has used his creative alchemy and relentless execution to direct people to Scriptural precision and clarity.

As a Published author he has consistently signalled a call to return to those things that bring Life and spiritual refreshment. While historically the church often finds herself on a spiral downward with the culture,  

God often calls particular individuals to speak forth a loving reminder to return to our first Love. Jeff Saxton certainly is one of those authors. And he defintely understands the point of view of both church leadership and outside observers.

Once again he has connected deeply and effectively with those outside the church and surely those on the inside!